Water & Wastewater

MEA Ltd’s vast knowledge, experience and expertise in water and wastewater enables them to deliver first class design services to the clients and their customers.

MEA have been a delivery partner for well-known civil engineering companies for many years offering design and structural analysis of reinforced culverts, tanks, drainage outfalls and foundations. Designing a wide range of quality, bespoke concrete structures individually tailored to suit the client’s project requirements. For investors, MEA can offer independent design verification and 3rd party (Cat III) checks on various structures.

Carrickfergus WWTW

Carrickfergus Wastewater Treatment Works is designed to serve a population of 35,330 people, the capacity to treat 28,250 m3 of sewage daily.

NI Water identified that assets within the process are in need of replacement or refurbishment. These assets include the replacement of Sludge Holding Tank and the replacement of Half Bridge Scraper for FST 1 & 2.

Whilst the refurbishments were being carried out the Treatment Works had to be functional and operational to serve the population of the area. MEA’s extensive knowledge in this field aided in allowing the plant to operate whilst the upgrades were taking place. A progressive attitude to projects allows MEA to be fundamental in finding the solution in projects which builds a confidence with the client that can bolster their needs in their future ventures. MEA can proudly state that they regularly work with NI Water on varying sizes of projects across the province.

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