Temporary works is increasingly being recognised as one of the most critical parts of any construction project. From the outset of a project a client should be aware of the critical value of temporary works as an integral part of the main design or as an isolated structural design. Temporary Works can range from scaffolding structures for site safety to cofferdams to work on water-based structures.

Piling Platforms

Piling platform designs are to provide a reliable and stable surface on which construction machinery can operate. The design of the piling platform will depend on the ground conditions and loadings. Piling platforms are typically constructed using well-graded stone, clean-crushed concrete, or crushed hard rock.

Façade Retention

Façade Retention supports existing façades or party walls for renovation, it is often used for works to listed buildings. By retaining the façade, the overall exterior of a building is preserved while new internal construction can proceed to the specific requirements of the client.

Sheet piling cofferdams

Cofferdams act as a temporary dike built across a body of water, constructed to allow the water to be pumped out of the enclosed area. The purpose of a cofferdam is to exclude water and/or soil from an area in order to allow for a dry working environment for construction work, to a depth below the surface. Cofferdams are made by driving sheet piling, usually steel in modern works, into the bed to form a watertight fence.


Grillage foundations are designed to distributes bearing loads from buildings to the ground in an even manner compared to other foundation types. Grillage Foundations are especially well suited for areas located on complex terrains, it is usually chosen in cases where on the land there are sharp differences in relief, heaving and weak ground.


Dewatering is the removal of groundwater and/or surface water from a site before construction work can commence. Dewatering may be necessary on sites where there are excavations in which water can collect, in places where there is an inadequate gradient for water run-off, or where there is a high water table.

Retentions Systems

Retention System is the stabilising of soil and rock as a part of an excavation process. These systems are used to keep dirt in place during construction, which can be either permanent or temporary depending on needs of the project.

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