A Site Investigation is often regarded as an essential part of the preliminary design of any construction project, many problems encountered on construction projects are due to unforeseen ground conditions that could have been avoided if a suitable site investigation had been carried out. Site Investigation is an intrusive investigation to assess ground conditions and general pattern of the strata beneath a site and is the process of collecting information, assessment of the data and reporting potential hazards.

MEA Ltd’s Site Investigations will access the ground conditions of the site taking into account other factors such as local experience and structures and building close to the site.

Soil nails/anchors

Ground Anchors and Nails are designed to stabilise and support natural and engineered structures. Soil nails being closely spaced from each other, the completed system works in unison to bind the earth together, keeping it secure and preventing the movement of soil. Anchoring uses metal bars which are drilled directly into stable rock. Due to the anchors being located at the centre of the rock mass, the natural stability of the land is transferred to the surface, preventing movement and collapse.

Real time monitoring systems

With our state of the art systems we can undertake monitoring of vulnerable structures, railways, tunnels and provide 24/7 support during construction operations. Not only will we obtain this data from the site/ground, but we will also draft and file this data in to a report, making it comprehensible to obtain a firm understanding of how appropriate the site is for the purpose.

CBR/Bearing testing

The CBR test is typically undertaken for road, runways or car park pavement design to assess the strength of the sub-grade. Bearing tests involve jacking a plate of known dimensions against a reaction load, usually the underside of a track-driven excavator and recording the ground deformation.

Trial pits

A trial pit is an excavation of ground in order to gain a wide variety of sample sizes and types to enable the client detailed reports on the composition and structure of the subsurface.

Permeability testing

Permeability Testing can be determined by undertaking in-situ tests in boreholes. The principle of the test is to measure the volume of water flowing through a soil specimen in a given time and determine the permeability from the discharge.

Slope stability analysis

Slope stability analysis investigates the potential risks of naturally occurring or engineered soil slope to instability that could lead to mass movement, it involves the design of slope solutions taking into account safety, reliability and any possible remedial measure the client would require.

Rotary drilling

Rotary drilling is used to form a deep observation borehole for obtaining samples of soil and rock.

Window Sampling

Window sampling is used to bore through shallow soft soils to investigate the substrata to gain a profile of the ground conditions and to facilitate soil sampling analysis.

In-situ sampling

During investigatory works we can undertake insitu sampling such as SPT’s, dynamic probing, permeability testing.

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