As part of MEA Ltd’s core services, Construction Monitoring can be provided for site to assist the client in complying to regulations. Vibration, Noise and Dust are all by products of the construction industry, but they need to be managed on site to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, people and structures. Monitoring these factors allow sites to be more considerate to their neighbours and can reduce down time on site if managed correctly.

Weekly reports on the monitors would be sent for site records; but most importantly MEA’s monitors can alert the site managers in real time if levels reach a set critical point, therefore allowing steps to be taken to reduce the impact of these construction by products. No one can reduce the impact to zero, but with help, by monitoring the site, clients will have the assurance that no unnecessary damage is being caused.

Vibration Monitoring

Vibro Monitoring is crucial to sites where there is potential risk to surrounding structures from vibrations caused by construction traffic, demolitions, drilling, piling and many other activities that cause ground vibration. Monitoring vibrations can help to mitigate damage to structures and therefore give peace of mind to site personnel that all steps were taken to ensure the site is as safe for not only the client’s own structure but surrounding structures.


Monitoring air quality data is a vital part of any construction project. Neglect of construction site dust monitoring can result in particulate matter entering the lungs and bloodstream of site workers and the local community, causing a variety of health problems. By monitoring dust on site, clients can demonstrate their commitment to better air quality.


High noise levels are common on site and both occupational and environmental noise monitoring may be needed. Effective noise monitoring allows the client to understand the noise sources and time periods that are of concern. Many construction projects are taking place over more lengthy time periods. By implementing a 24-hour noise monitoring system, with real-time communication and alerts, clients can demonstrate they are considerate to the surrounding community and are prepared to correct any problems that may arise.


Structural monitoring involves the positioning of sensors on buildings where they can detect relevant information about how the materials in a structure are performing. Structural monitoring allows the client to look at the relevant data to help to prevent and predict structural issues before they cause any damage.

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